Greenleaf Lawson Architects has been commissioned by Dat Dog’s CEO, Paul G. Tuennerman, to design a new prototype for their well-known New Orleanian restaurant concept, Dat Dog, as the company prepares for expansion. One aspect of this initiative is to position the prototypical design as a tool to scale their chain for regional growth. Dat Dog is currently evaluating opportunities for expansion throughout Louisiana, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as well as Southern United States.


Keeping a keen eye on what truly makes Dat Dog unique, our team further defined and created a vision that had initially originated by Dat Dog’s Proprietor, Constantine D. Georges. We turned up the creative juices creating new dining experiences for their patrons, while designing solutions to fit the aesthetic and cultural demands of this restaurant chain. In order to exceed expectations, we leaned on the guidance of Paul and used 3D digital imagery to consistently communicate the design intent. Together we believe that a proper design solution was created by our team that continues to emit the personality of Dat Dog and its organizational culture, one that we align well with. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s clever, it puts a smile on our face too! Listening and working along Paul and Constantine has been nothing short of imaginative and collaborative. It is with great anticipation that we present to you Dat Dog 2.0.

Dat Dog Panoramas