Designing a pilates and high intensity fitness space may seem straight-forward.  In the case of Evolve Studio, the challenge lied in an existing building with 2 occupied spaces at the time of design.  During the end of design one tenant made the space available while the second tenant did not vacate until construction began.  Construction of this 3500 square foot studio had a hard deadline driven by peak business season and a very limited budget as this concept was new to the area.


The design consisted of key elements needed for a high impact appearance to attract customers, yet space for the owners to “evolve” into as their revenue increased through use of the space.  We focused on defining the business’s “needs” vs. “wants”.  Implementing the “needs” first with smart material selection and other efficiencies allowed for this renovation and build out to be completed for approximately $60 per square foot.  The space includes 2 studios; Burn and Pilates. With each space reflecting its designated workout area. Pilates features 10 pilates machines in a clean, white space, with a light atmosphere. Burn features 10 treadmills, and suspension training with a high intensity atmosphere. The lobby functions as a pre-function space, retail display and nutrition based food service including a smoothie bar.

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