Petro Guardian provided a challenge that was to take a 19,000 SF existing bank building which consisted of 3 individual Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings pieced together over time, and convert it into a fully functional, cohesive and efficient office building for a company that provides lightning protection for the oil and gas industries among other things. The existing bank building was a maze of private offices, outdated finishes and inefficient circulation. Because the building was built in different parts over time, there was no consistency in the building. The interior of the building received almost no natural light as the building had very few windows giving the space a very enclosed and entrapped feel. The exterior was poorly executed brick and metal panel that needed some attention.


The solution GLA thought up consisted of first opening up the exterior walls to allow natural light into the building. We converted whole sections of private offices into common areas which were accompanied by a pod of offices. The common areas served as areas for the employees to gather and were centrally located to their offices. This promoted collaboration but also allowed the natural light from the exterior faces to flow into corridors and other parts of the building. The exterior of the building received a refresh with some simple finishes. Interior finishes were updated and provided a visual consistency throughout the building that was not present before.  GLA worked closely with AOS in order to provide a a full furniture package. This allowed for a custom, unique and updated furniture solution for the client that best suited their needs.