This Mobile-based chicken finger chain prides itself on top-notch chicken, handmade batter & sauces from scratch, and the freshest produce, breads, sweet tea and hot fries. But what exactly is a "Foosackly's"? A name this unique needs a little backstory.

Synonymous with amazing chicken fingers, the term Foosackly's originated from a friend of owner Will Fusaiotti as a play off his last name, and an attempt to name "this chicken finger thing we're doing". Centrally located in Alabama, Foosackly's has recently extended it's chain into the Florida region. Greenleaf Lawson Architects was hired as the architect for it's Pensacola location in order to align their physical space with the character of the company. Improving it's aesthetic in order to drive customers for more than just the food, minimal exterior refinements were made, along with a redesign of the interior. Interior improvements include a focus on a variety of seating types to appeal to all customers, in addition to clever wall graphics to keep it fresh and fun.